Cepheo Engineering - Functional overview

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Cepheo® Engineering

Solution for companies that designs their own products and need additional information on products. The solution enables revisions as a tracking dimension and have an interface for integration with CAD solutions. The following main functions are part of the Solution:

  • CAD Integration with XML Format - possibilities to import BOM and Revisions from several CAD Solutions (Vault, Inventor, Solid Works.). XML format may be different.
  • Drawing archive that gives opportunity to import BOM to a Product, make a control of that all parts are created in D365 and are released to company that BOM are to be imported and approved.
  • Environment Certificate for Release Items. Environmental certification is a form of environmental regulation and development where a company can voluntarily choose to comply with predefined processes or objectives set forth by the certification service.
  • Manufacturer gives possibilities to add approved manufacturer to a released product and ender Manufacturer Item Number and Component specification (Cspec).
  • Spare part with a possibility to add Spare part KIT on an Item. Spare part KIT can be given with reference to Revision. On the Spare Part KIT, it is possible to enter both Vendor and Manufacturer information.
  • Classification with possibility to freely create Classification Groups that can contain up to 6 classifications codes. This will ease search for correct item to use.
  • Material quality gives you the opportunity to identify release Items with correct Material quality. Functions for creation of examples of quality standards.
  • Revision gives the opportunity to created and take control of the different designed and released version of a BOM. A new dimension is created – “Revision” – that makes it possible to track on distributed and purchase revision. Alle BOM can be controlled by revision. When creating a Production, the revision can control and select correct BOM and Route by revision.
  • Product Properties gives you possibility to connect Products to a “Product properties group”. To each group you can select – and give separate names – properties. For defining properties you can select from: 10 text fields, 10 real fields, 10 integer fields, 2 WEB fields and 4 Boolean fields. There is a separate view for search on Product properties to find Product and Released products.
  • Production Category gives possibility to define up to 6 text fields that can be used to define information you want to connect to Released items and display on Production overview. In the production, information can be added to the production category
  • Drawing ID will be added to a released product Product when new drawing is released. It is also possible to maintain Drawing number manually on a released Item.
  • TAG number can be entered on a released Item if standard TAG number is used for the Item.
  • Separate Project Number can be set on released product to identify development project for an Item
  • Component unit value to identify the functional unit. Useful to identify power units with specific V (Volt) or Amp (Ampere).
  • Separate fields to give “Notice” on BOM line, Sales order line and Purchase line as standard information from the released item.
  • New function to get a quick view of availability of estimated consumed part. Do we have enough of BOM items in warehouse to start production. It is also a field indicating with colors the status of the production.

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