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The Cepheo Subscriptions is a service that help customers to create and manage subscriptions invoicing and items/services with related subscriptions fees in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

For each subscription, you can create an optional number of subscription items or services. The subscription items are the transactions that you invoice to the customer.

A subscription contract indicates the length of the subscriptions and the intervals at which the subscription should be invoiced. In the subscription contract you can specify both interval types for the intervals of invoicing and the subscription length. Settings can also be configured for payment policies and invoicing module.

When creating a subscription, you define the contract type for the subscription, add the correct customer for the subscription and define the start date for the subscription. If the subscription has an end date you can specify the end date and if you leave it empty the subscription will follow the interval for the subscription length specified in the contract type you have selected. You can select the main invoice date for the customer.

Navigate to Cepheo® > Subscription> Setup in the Modules menu

Cepheo® > Subscription> Setup>Subscription Parameters

Setup requirements for subscription:

Cepheo® > Subscription> Setup>Contract type

Contract type describes the different settings used for calculation and invoicing of the subscription.

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