Step 4 | Section 4: Report remark

In this section you can add a record and choose at Tax remark form lookup field. Then the Free text remark button activates, and you can click and write a remark in total 400 characters. This note applies to the entire Tax report.

a) Tax specifications menu button:

  • New:
    Create a Tax remark
  • Delete:
    Delete the tax remark
  • Free text remark:
    This button is active and used for writing a remark
  • Error log:
    The Error log functionality is the same as the above sections


P.S. whenever you add Tax remark either in the Standard tax codes, Tax specifications or Report remark section and write a Free text remark, the report will be forwarded to an employee at the Tax authority for further clarification and the report will be processed manually by Skatteetaten.

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Step 4 | Section 3: Tax specifications