MVA Reporting

Step 4: Reporting

When you have completed referencing the Sales tax codes with the Standard tax codes, you are ready to report your tax transactions and thereby fulfill the Tax authorities Tax reporting requirements.…


Step 4 | Section 1: Tax reports

a) Tax report tabs Periods tab: This section shows the tax reports for selected periods and some important fields such as Tax period, Vat amount, Interval… To create a new report, click on the Create…


Step 4 | Section 2: Standard tax codes

This section shows a summation of tax amounts for Standard Tax Codes. In this section you have the possibilities of adding , editing , or deleting a record. b) Transaction menu buttons New record: Yo…


Step 4 | Section 3: Tax specifications

In this section by clicking on the New button, you can create a tax specifications per tax code. You can choose a Standard tax code from a lookup field. The Amount origin field and Sale tax rate fiel…


Step 4 | Section 4: Report remark

In this section you can add a record and choose at Tax remark form lookup field. Then the Free text remark button activates, and you can click and write a remark in total 400 characters. This note ap…