Step 1: Parameter setup

Locate the Tax report Area Page / open setup parameters form MVA > Tax Report > Area Page > Setup > Parameters

Serial number and license holder are pre-entered.

Version Tab

Serial number and license holder are pre-entered.

In the Version Tab of parameters form you can always find information regarding:

  • Current Tax Report add on module version
  • Build and Version no.
  • Hotfix
  • Tax Authority report version
  • Tax Authority XML Schema

General Tab

Company registration:

In the General-section you can choose which company-registration to include in the reporting file:

  • Optional: You can enter the 9-digit reg-number.
  • Tax registration number/Routing number: Fetch the tax registration or routing number from company information.

The field is edidtable and must consist of 9 digits.

Tax period:

In the next section you can select reporting time interval in which you must send the Tax reports to the Tax authorities.

Report category:

In the Report category you can change the Report category as it is agreed with the Tax Authority. In most case the Report category setup is set to “Normal”.

Customer Identification Number (KID):

Customer Identification Number is either a KID Bank Account, IBAN no, SWIFT no. or might be another any valid company Bank Account. The account is used to return the Tax amount if it is in your favor. This information can be entered either in Parameters or directly after creating the Tax report. This information is mandatory if tax is returned but must be left blank if tax payment is due to you.

Filename XSD:

The Filename XSD field is intended to enter the path of the Validation schema file: “no.skatteetaten.fastsetting.avgift.mva.skattemeldingformerverdiavgift.v1.0.xsd”. If the directory path of the schema-file exists, you can validate the Tax report before uploading it to the Tax authorities. It is recommended to validate the report before uploading.

Only autogenerated Tax transactions:

If marked, the Only autogenerated Tax transactions field is used to report only the autogenerated Tax transactions in the system. Manually entered tax transactions will not be reported.  We will get back to it in the Report section.

If marked this field will prevent the Cepheo Logo to be shown in the Cepheo A/S tab.

CepheoA/S Tab

Here you can find the Cepheo contact information.

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Step 2: Import setup tables button