Step 3: Tax codes reference (Mapping)

As the Tax Authority will only accept reporting using the Standard Tax Codes, all the active tax codes of your company (in the reported date-interval) must be mapped (pointed to) the Standard tax codes imported from the Tax authority.

After importing all the files, it is time for mapping your own tax codes with standard tax codes from the Tax Authority.

Locate the Tax Report Area page > Setup and open the Tax code reference form.


Online Tax Report > Area page > Setup > Tax code Reference

To be able to map the tax codes, you must create a period which often would be the same as the accounting period.

To create a new period, you can either click on New button or Press Ctrl+n. Then you can enter the period that will cover the reporting period.

After creating the period, the “Import Tax codes” and “Copy mapping” buttons are activated.


  • Import Tax codes
    You can click on this button and choose “Yes” to the Import Tax Code Dialog, to import (copy) your tax codes.

After importing your system Tax code, some records appear with red background. The red color record indicates that there are transactions in those tax codes in the given period and should be mapped. Any tax code of your company that is NOT mapped, will NOT be included in Tax reporting.

Select the individual line from your own Tax codes (left) and then choose which standard tax code from the Tax authorities (right) that matches it.

After mapping each tax code, the record background color changes to green.

  • Please note:
    The Offset transactions column for Sales Tax Codes 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 91 MUST be marked if present. This is required from Tax authorities.

  • Copy mapping:
    If you have created a new and empty period and you have already mapped periods from previous years you will be able to copy mapping from earlier periods by clicking Copy mapping. Then you can choose a period to copy from and make changes if required.

This ability to periodically set up mapping, will let you go back in time and see former used mappings with possibility to change mappings during the periods (to meet the requirements from Tax Authority – “Skatteetaten”).

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