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To create new Locations, go to: Cepheo® > Location > Locations

There are three - 3 different ways to create a Location:

  1. Select "+New" from the top menu bar or press "Ctrl+N". You can then select Number of Locations to create. If you create more than 1 location, name of location has to be changed after creation if name are to be different. Connect the Location to a "Location group". If you on this stage also know the "Customer account" and "Project ID" fill in this information before you select OK. "Customer account" and "Main Project" can be entered at a later stage.

  1. Select "Multi create Location" - follow the same steps as described under article 1.
  2. Select "New Vessel" to create a Vessel as a Location. This is only valid when Cepheo® Installation Vessel is connected with Cepheo® Installation.

Fill in information for the Vessel. "IMO" number can be set to mandatory for creating a Vessel as a Location under parameters for Vessel under Marin & Offshore: Cepheo> Marin & Offshore > Setup > Vessel Parameters

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