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Cepheo have added additional setup related to Project Timesheet in work breakdown structure (WBS) in projects.

Navigate to standard Project Form > Plan > Activities > Work breakdown structure

Cepheo have created a few functions related to activities in the combination of work breakdown structures and Timesheets. These functions are collected in menu "Activity details". All actions in this menu is related to the specific selected activity in WBS.

  • Closed
    • Yes > The activity will be closed for posting in journals. This is a standard feature, Cepheo have made this selection easier and quicker to find for the users.
    • No > The activity is open for posting in journals.
  • Blocked
    • Yes > The activity will be hided for the users in Timesheet, which means the user will not be able to select this activity when registering hours. The activity will still be open for postings in journal, the purpose is to avoid that users register new transactions while other transactions that still are in flow can be posted.
    • No > The activity is visible for the users in Timesheet.
  • Line property
    • Select a default line property for the activity, if other than the default line property for the entire project. Selecting a default line property will result in this line property always being set for this activity.

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