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Form bank setup

Navigate to Cepheo® > Business Documents > Setup > Form bank setup in the Modules menu. The setup below is available on project invoices, free text invoices, sales invoices, collection letters and interest notes and allow different configurations for each legal entity.

It will match the invoice currency to the designated bank account, below is an example. If the invoiced currency is Euro then the bank information displayed on the invoice is the EUR (Deutsche Bank), it will display the Bank account number, Swift and IBAN numbers. If the sort code is enabled the bank sort code is also displayed. If Bank name has been entered this will also be displayed

You can mark which account is the default for all other currencies, so if you invoice in GBP then the USD (JPMorgan Chase) bank account information is displayed. If no currency account has been setup then the default will catch currency transactions.

In Cash and Bank Management the bank account name is not necessarily the bank name, in contoso the accounts are recognised by the currency included in the name. You can specify the exact name of the bank you would like displayed on the invoice documents, it is optional.

Project invoices are a little more complex and sometimes you will have multiple currency accounts for the same invoiced currency, it is possible to separate which project invoices will use a different account by using the Alternate bank account. Enter a different bank account in the alternate bank account option in the Form bank setup and then on the project contract mark it to use this account by selecting the Alternate bank account to Yes.

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