Packing station

A packing station is a location between picking and outbound shipping. For automation of a manual process, locations, container packing policies, and packing profiles need to be created. Furthermore, these need to be connected to the worker profile.

Start by verifying that location type and the location for the packing station exists. If not, please create.

Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse > Location type

Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse > Locations

Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse > Location profile

If a location profile is not already created, the minimum demand is a pack location and a baydoor location.

Location format is often already created when the system is setup. Therefore, you can chose one that does already exist. This does not need to be "pack" as it is in the example.

After creating a location profile, a container packing profile is needed.

Warehouse management > Setup > Containers > Container packing profile

In the standard setup, it is recommended to create one of the two following container packing policies.

The first is to close the container at the pack station in the chosen warehouse. This is done in order to automatically move the item to the outbound dock /Baydoor and make it available for shipping right away.

The second is to close the container and create work at the packing station in the chosen warehouse. This is done to create work so that the user manually can move it to the next station or a specifick dock.

If the user wishes to print container contents and packing slips these can be enabled.

To print a document a printer needs to be connected.

After creating container packing policy, it needs to be connected to the packing profiles.

Warehouse management > Setup > Packing > Packing profile

The container type chosen will be the default suggestion in the app, however it is possible to change it manually during packing.

If container types have not already been created these need to be created.

The last step is the setup of the worker profile.

Warehouse management > Setup > Worker

1 - Choose the Container packing policy created earlier.

2 - Choose the Packing profile created earlier.

3 - Choose the Location.

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