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Project invoice configuration options

Navigate to Cepheo® > Business Documents > Setup > Document setup in the Modules menu. This setup extends the generic options and provides additional setup only enhancing the Project invoice detailed design.

Invoice line

  • Posting date is now available within the Cepheo Business Documents and can be enabled.
  • Category description will shown the description when enabled or the category code when off.
  • Project activity appears as a separate line and shows the activity number and purpose description.
  • Project resource appears as a separate row and display the worker name.
  • Display tax amount shows the tax on each row.
  • Display tax percent shows the tax percentage on each row.
  • Sales manager will display the name of the sales manager of the project.
  • Project manager will display the name of the project manager.

Display total tax percent is for the totals row.

Document signature will display a default signature image on the project invoice, this is positioned under the Advanced notes and Form notes which are standard document text features. Design your signature image to 40mm x 16mm and use the change button to import it.

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