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Cepheo Human Resources Extension, is a Cepheo developed extension to D365HR. At Cepheo we always strive to increase our customers experiences, therefor we continuously work to make D365HR even more user-friendly.

  • New customized fields in the worker and position table
  • A new and improved layout to change your personal details in the employee self-service workspace
  • Office capacity planning

With our Cepheo Human Resources Extension you get a brand new space, with editable fields, inside the employee view and the position view. This makes the D365HR even more flexible and increases the amount of data you could manage within the application. The fields are custom fields, this gives you the opportunity to decide what information you would like to store about the employee and/or the position. The extension will give you up to 6 new drop-down fields, 2 free-text fields and 4 Yes/No fields in both tables.

With Cepheo Human Resources Extension you also get a new and improved layout on the employee self-service view. The employee will get a more intuitive view, to be able to change or modify their own personal data when in the employee self-service module.

In the human resource extension worker fields, we have developed the possibility to add your working locations from a drop-down menu. We have created a table where you could enter the capacity and costs of you different workplaces. This gives you an updated, based on employees locations, overview of your capacity and costs at each location.

The human resource extension is continuesly updated, so there is more to come.

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