MVA Intercompany setup

NOTE! This functionality is only available if you have access to the Multicompany Add-On module and Intercompany Add-On module.

By clicking on the Company setup button on the Tax report menu, you can setup Intercompany. Intercompany setup is the same as the Multicompany setup. Though the major difference is in the Intercompany setup the Function field should be changed from Copy to Report.

a) Maincompany section buttons:

  • New:
    The function is same both in the Main company and the Associated companies. creates a new record. Please note: It is very important to change the Function field type from Copy to report. By choosing the Report you setup the Intercompany functions for tax reporting.

b) Associated section buttons:

The Main company can be a part of an associated company in another setup.

  • Delete:
    Deletes the whole setup, both in the Main and Associated section. Delete button in Associated companies deletes only the highlighted record.
  • Synchronize:
    After creating both the Main company and Associated companies, by clicking on this button it copies the whole setup from the main Company to the Associated companies. It keeps the Associated company’s setup and adds the Tax code from the Main company which are missing in the Tax code reference setup in associated companies. After synchronization if there are some errors, the records with the error will be marked with the red (x). The most common error is the missing Sales tax code in one of the companies which can be find in the log form. It is important that all the Sales tax code are the same in all the companies which are a part of the Intercompany setup.

  • Log:
    By clicking on this button, you can see the history of Synchronization for the whole setup. If there are some errors, you can find them and then take actions accordingly.

After correcting the errors, you should Synchronize the setting once again. When alle the necessary correction is mad you are ready to create Tax reporting.

  • Archive button:
    By clicking on this button, you can see the history Multicompany setup. If a setup would be deleted, you can always find it from this form.

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