Check contents of the XML-file

New functionality for all versions. This functionality can be used to review exported XML files created to SAF-T and is indispensable for the validation process.

Why is the View XML file feature so useful?

Validation of SAF-T file:

You must always validate the SAF-T files before sending them to the Tax Administration.

As an example, you have exported the SAF-T file you want to send to the Tax Administration. Before submitting the file, it is a requirement from the Tax Agency that the SAF-T file is validated. You do this validation using the validation tool delivered with Cepheo's SAF-T solution (

Important: In order to validate, the validation schema file i.e. “Norwegian_SAF-T_Financial_Schema_v_1.10.xsd” provided with the validation tool, must be placed in the same directory as the file, you want to validate.

When executing the SaftXmlValidator.exe, you find the actual file to be validated by clicking Browse (blue frame), in this example, we choose the file: SAF-T Financial__20200103053845_1_1_030.xml (red frame). When the right file is found you validate it by clicking Validate XML (yellow frame).

In this case, the validation shows error(s).

The result indicates that line 84 (Cyan frame), is missing iso country code for a vendor (Cyan frame).

Now that the error is identified, we return to View XML in SAF-T module.


Press button Import file and locate the file: C:\Cepheo\MHL\SAF-T\AX 2012\Export\SAF-T Financial__20200103053845_1_1_030.xml

After import the file content is showed in the results list organized by line:

According to the validation, there was an error in line 61, country code. To find out which country code it is, you can scroll back in the lines identify the company and the type (i.e. creditor). You should then enter the creditor module, find Cepheo and register the country code for the current creditor.

When this is done, the SAF-T file can be re-exported and a new validation of the file is performed. If SAF-T is able to validate itself without error, the SAF-T file will be sent to the Tax Administration.

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