Carrier container type

The carrier container types are automatically imported in earlier steps when the wizard is used to import carriers and their services, however, the carrier container type has to be connected to the different Container types added by the user.

Start by adding container types.

Warehouse management > Setup > Containers > Container types

Add Container type code, description, container dimensions and unit.

Enableing flexible volume dimensions will give the user a possiblity to add missing measurement or change predefined measurements when making a shipment booking.

Then connect the container type to carrier container types.

Cepheo> Consignor integration > Setup > Carrier container types

The possible container types differ for different carriers. However, the container type created by you should correspond in size och material to the demands of the transporter.

The most common container types:

AF - Half Pallet

AG - Platic Pallet

AH - Customer-specific 100x100

BE - Bundle

BX - Box

CG - Cage

CN - Customer-specific 120x120?

CR - Cartridge

CT - Carton

DR - Drum

HG - Barrel

NE - Unpacked

PB - Pallet Box

PD - Customer-specific 80x100

PE - Euro Pallet

PI - Pipes

PK - Packages

PL - Pallet or bucket

PX - Other pallets

RO - Rolls

SA - Sack

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