Installation Parameters

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To setup Installation Types go to:

Cepheo® > Installation > Setup > Installation types

Define the different types of Installations that are to be used.

If the Installation type is part of "Template" setting mark for template.

To setup Installation Parameters go to:

Cepheo® > Installation > Setup > Location parameters



Installation type

Set in default installation type to used

Mandatory template

Are installation type mandatory in template installation

Price groups

Price group used if Cepheo Subscription used with Installation

Internal communication

Default for internal communication (used only in Cepheo Subscription)


Order type

Set in default order type to use with Cepheo Subscription


Status of order when create with Cepheo Subscription

Installation type

Default Installation type used with Cepheo Subscription when sales orders are created


Create one device per unit

Set to “Yes” if you produce more than 1 item and want to create a unique device number for each produced item

Copy document

Are document connected to the installation to be copied if installation is copied.

Enforce template linking

Shall installations be connected to an installation template as mandatory

Device must be specified on picking

Must device id be specified when items are picked?

BOM – Max Level

Max level of BOM break down in As-Built

BOM - Create devices for device items in BOM:

Shall Device-ID be created in Breakdown function for Items that are marked as Device items.


Number sequence:

Specify number sequence to be used when Installations are created.

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