Reporting (common)

When you have completed referencing your own chart of accounts and your tax codes with the Tax Administration, you are ready to report your figures and thereby fulfill the authorities' SAF-T reporting requirements.

Where to?

The most important channel for sending SAF-T Accounting (Financial) files to the tax authorities is Altinn, which is the preferred way. Locate SAF-T > Area page > Common > SAF-T export

Directory: Enter the file path where to store the report.

File name – (Naming the SAF-T-data) It is strongly recommended to keep and use the following naming convention to secure necessary information in the file name. The purpose is to identify which data is in the file, the owner of the data, and to create a unique file name for each export. The solution will automatically suggest a file name that follows this definition:

<SAF-T export type>_<organization number of the vendor who the data represents>_<date and time(yyyymmddhh24hmise>_<file number of total files>.xml

Example: Financial_999999999_20160401235911_1_12.xml


According to page 9 in Norwegian SAF-T Financial data Dokumentation v1.5 – 25.11.2020

  • Limitations in the Altinn portal is 200MB per attached file, and 2 GB of source XML data. All single XML files submitted must validate with the schema.
  • … When dividing one export/selection to several files, care must be taken to name the files in order so they can be treated properly when assembled by the party receiving the files.
  • …The maximum submission is 32 GB of raw XML data, per attachment. This must comply with the limitation of 200 MB per attachment, and 2 GB file size per XML.<<

Period (from and to date): Enter the period to export

Export all / Export: Mark which data to export

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