Transform currency code

Currency ID's can be transformed into external values.

Navigate to Cepheo® > Shipment booking > Setup > Shipment booking external values

In the form navigate in the tree to:

  • nShift Delivery (Unifaun) > Currency
  • nShift DeliveryHub (Consignor) > Currency
nShift DeliveryHub (Consignor): Click here to view all available currency codes
nShift Delivery (Unifaun) operates with predefined character definitions of currency, according to ISO 4217 standards. These values DO NOT need to be mapped, because D365FO also operates according to ISO 4217 standards. 

How to add a new Currency ID transformation

  1. Select Currency in the tree
  2. Click on New
  3. Select Currency ID in the field Value
  4. Enter the transformation value in the field External value
  5. Click on Save to save the transformation

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