Shipment booking setup

Shipment booking external values

Shipment booking external values is used to transform Axdata Shipment booking values to nShift values

Shipment booking parameters

Navigate to Cepheo® > Shipment booking > Setup > Shipment booking parameters in the Modules menu. General. General (group). Field. Description. Booking interface type Set the booking interface to you…


Document transformations

Document transformations is used to transform Cepheo Shipment booking documents from Cepheo Shipment booking format to the format used by the external booking service at nShift. Currently only Liquid…


Shipment booking senders

Cepheo > Shipment booking > Setup > Shipment booking senders "Shipment booking senders" are in Shipment booking used as the sender of a shipment. Select "New" and create a Shipment booking sender. Th…


Shipment booking labels

In order to print labels when sending a booking to external booking system, the printer label type needs to be chosen. This can be set default on all orders or set manually on each Shipment booking.…


Shipment booking print favorites

Setup of the different label printers used by the external booking service. Navigate to Cepheo® > Shipment booking > Setup > Shipment print favorites Remember to setup the external values for the Shi…


Shipment booking security group (nShift Delivery)

Security groups on the shipment booking are a way of grouping different profiles in nShift Delivery. For more information about nShift Delivery profile group visit nShift Delivery. It can be set as d…


Carrier container type

The carrier container types are automatically imported in earlier steps when the wizard is used to import carriers and their services, however, the carrier container type has to be connected to the d…


Shipment booking cost rule

It is possible to import prices for shipments from nShift Ship (Cosignor). The price can be used for information on the Shipment booking or imported onto a sales order. Start by setting up the cost r…


Import Carrier setup

Import carrier wizard are currently only available for nShift DeliveryHub (Consignor). The Import carrier wizard will create carrier set up in five easy steps. Cepheo > Consignor integration > Setup…


Setup of carriers

Set up Shipping carriers. Microsoft documentation can be found here. Fetch carrier and services from nShift Delivery (Unifaun). Setting up carriers and their services is done manually for the nShift…


Shipment booking Sender

Shipment booking senders adds a default Company sender ID.