Step 4 | Section 3: Tax specifications

In this section by clicking on the New button, you can create a tax specifications per tax code. You can choose a Standard tax code from a lookup field. The Amount origin field and Sale tax rate field are closed for editing.  You can write an amount in the VAT amount field. And a Tax specification is required for the record. After saving the record the Amount on Tax report changes.

An example before adding a Tax specification:

An example after adding a Tax specification.

The tax report Vat amount changes after adding and saving the tax specification.

The tax specification is mandatory, but the Tax remark field is optional. If you chose a Free text from lookup field, then the Free text remark button activates, and by clicking on the Free text remark a new form opens where you have the possibility to write an explanation op to 400 characters. 

a) Tax specifications menu button:

  • New:
    Create a Tax specification
  • Delete:
    Delete the tax specification
  • Free text remark:
    The button is active if you chose at Tax remark
  • Error log:
    The Error log functionality is the same as in the section 2

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