Standard ledger accounts mapping

You are now ready the establish the mapping references where you map each of your own accounts from general ledger with an account from the standard tax plan from the Tax Administration. This should be done regardless of whether you use the same account plan as the Tax Authorities according to page 13 of the attached document [ Norwegian SAF-T Financial data Documentation v1.5 – 25.11.2020 ]

Please note, even if the Chart of Accounts is the same as the Standard Accounts, the mapping must still be done.

Locate SAF-T > Area page > Setup > Ledger account reference (form)

Press Ctrl n for new line in the upper part.

Enter the period the mapping will cover.

You have the option to copy past periods and thus reuse the mapping you entered there.

You also have the option to maintain the mapping using export to and import from Excel.

This ability to periodically set up mapping, will let you go back in time and see former used mappings with possibility to change mappings during the periods (to meet tax requirements). Click button Import Ledger accounts.

Your own account plan is now ready to be mapped to the standard account plan you imported under Standard ledger accounts (Step 2).

Select the individual line from your own chart of accounts (left) and then choose which account from the Tax authorities (right) that matches it.

This mapping is according to page 13 in the attached document Norwegian SAF-T Financial data Dokumentation v1.5 – 25.11.2020

The actual used account numbers, must be mapped to the standard account ID. It is recommended that the mapping of the accounts are done in conjunction with the user selection of the accounts overview in the application.

Maintaining ledger account references using Excel.

You can maintain the ledger account mapping using Excel. Use button: Export to Excel to create and open an Excel sheet containing the current mapping. This sheet can be saved external for maintenance. After completion the altered sheet can be imported to original or new mappings using Import from Excel button. Fill in the name of the excel file to be imported, the column numbers containing your ledger account numbers and the SAF-T standard account number. Note, that only already existing mappings will be updated using your ledger account as key.

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