Step 4 | Section 2: Standard tax codes

This section shows a summation of tax amounts for Standard Tax Codes.

In this section you have the possibilities of adding, editing, or deleting a record.

b) Transaction menu buttons

New record:

You can create a new record where you can write or choose the standard Tax code, Sales tax code, the Amount origin. You can also choose a Tax remark if necessary or required.  The Tax rate and Vat amount fields would be updated automatically. After saving the new record an image appears in the New field on the form where it makes it easy to see that the record is added manually.


You can click on the Edit button for editing a record. You can Edit both the records which were originally created from the Tax report and those you created manually. If you change the Amount origin and Vat amount, you can choose a Tax remark from the lookup and when the Free text remark button activates, you can write an explanation or reason for changing the amount.


You can only Delete the records which you have manually created


The Transactions button opens a new form with all the transactions for the highlighted record in the given period.

Free text remarks:

The button is only active if you chose a Tax remark from the lookup field for the given Tax code.  By clicking on this button the new form opens where you can write up to 400 characters.

Error log:

The Error log button is activated if you validate the whole report and there are some errors, and some actions should be taken.

Change log:

The Change log button opens a new form with the history of the changes that are made for the tax codes in this section.

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