Step 4 | Section 1: Tax reports

a) Tax report tabs

Periods tab:

This section shows the tax reports for selected periods and some important fields such as Tax period, Vat amount, Interval…

To create a new report, click on the Create button.

After clicking on Yes button in the dialog box, you can choose the period from which you will create the report.

Write the year in the Period year and click OK.

A new report is created for reviewing.

Setup tab:

In this tab you can write or overwrite the Customer Identification number (KID).

Customer Identification number (KID): The Norwegian Tax Authorities requires that this field should be filled out if some amount should be returned. Otherwise, the field should be left blank.

Preview tab:

The File name and Xml fields are filled out after printing the report. You can always find the file path from the File name field.

In the XML field you can see the actual file contents for control and documentation purposes.

b) Tax report Buttons:

  • Create:
    Creating a new report
  • Create intercompany:
    Will be explained in detail in the Intercompany section
  • Validate:
    Validates the report and the transaction for the errors. If there are some errors a message appears with information about the number of errors. And a “X” mark in red color on OK field, both on Tax report and transactions section.  You can find the errors in the Error log button and take the necessary action.

Validate XML:

This button is for validating the XML file according to the Tax Authorities requirements. Before Validating the XML field in Tax report is checked with “X” in red color. After validating the file, you might get an information message depending on the file validation status. An example of error after XML validating. The validating function cannot find the Schema file “XSD” path which is given in Parameter setup. For validation the Schema file “XSD”, the path should be given in the Parameter setup.

An example of XML validating after solving the issues.


Deletes both the report header and the associated report transactions.


The button has 2 submenus

  • Tax report – creates the report file in the xml format for later (manual) upload the report to the Skatteetaten website
  • Company report – exports the report to a CSV file format for Intercompany report, for consolidating or any other purpose

Company setup:

Will explain in detail in the Intercompany section


Opens a from with all transactions for the entire report  


Log history of the report

Error log:

Error history of the report. Her you can see only the error related to the selected record. Click on the button to read the cause of error and make the necessary changes.

  • Example The first error is from the Tax report which says you cannot report for prior period than the actual period. The second error in in the transaction which expects a negative amount.


Tax transactions – Open the standard lookup of Tax transactions.

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Step 4: Reporting

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