Change notification parameters

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Navigate to Cepheo > Revision > Setup > Change notification parameters




Recommended Setting

Only allow one active revision

If this is set to “Yes” previous revision  and BOM is set to “Approved” when new revision is activated.


Only set BOM from revision on create

If this is set to “Yes” BOM-Id is set only when production order is created


Inherit revision

If this is set to “Yes” and dimension Revision is not set active for Masterplan, the active Revision with BOM is set to production upon firming


Approval levels Change Notification:



Recommended Setting

Priority 1

Status for Created ECN


Priority 2

Status for Approved ECN


Priority 3

Status for Active ECN


Priority 4

Status for Expired ECN


Number sequence:

Number sequence used for new Engineering Change Notification (ECN)

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