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Cepheo Engineering has some new features on "Product"

When you enter a product, you will find "Product details" on the top. Her you can connect an imported or manually created drawing from Drawing archive under "Drawing Number"

Under "Product Owner", you can specify which legal company that owns the development of the Product. When owner company is selected and saved - the owner company classification codes will be displayed.

Under "Link" you may specify a linked to an URL where you can find more relevant information about the product.

Under the main menu for the Product you will find Cepheo menu. When you select this you will get to new functions:

Engineering: Update item drawing

  • Selecting this function you will start an update function for updating Drawing Number to all legal companies where this product has been released

Revision: Change notification

  • Selecting this you will open up a view off all "Revisions" for this Product from the company that is set as the "Product Owner"


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