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Axdata Installation consists of tree core packages of code. Axdata Installation. Axdata Installation Engineering (Only used together with Axdata Engineering). Axdata Installation Revision (Only used…

Frank Johansson
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Production picking list split on device. It is now possible to create picking lists on non device items when split on Device is selected. Device form. Added filter on status and status change trigger…

Updated 2 years ago


Project. Added field for installation country Create installation. Values from project are set on installation when creating an Installation. Device. Added label for SW status image Production pickin…

Updated 2 years ago


Device. Added new field Unit ID on device. To fill values into this field on existing devices run Data upgrade : Go to Installation parameters. Go to tap page Data upgrade. Click on button Upgrade to…

Frank Pedersen Moe
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Installation obsolete models

OBSOLETE - Axdata Installation Integration. OBSOLETE - Axdata Installation Vessel. Explanation of version number: Release year / release month / major version / minor version Version history Release…

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