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Frank Johansson
Updated 1 week ago by Frank Johansson


Document table for linking items. New possibillity to link documents in an easy way to an external site like sharepoint. Can be found here: Axdata®>Engineering>Documents Documents is added manually o…

Frank Pedersen Moe
Updated 1 month ago by Frank Pedersen Moe


Production category's. To simplify the process of filtering productions to your needs we have now introduced 6 custom fields that you can use. First step is to enable the categorys you need and give…

Frank Pedersen Moe
Updated 2 months ago by Frank Pedersen Moe


Item properties. New feature for easy applying custom properties to items. With this function you create an item property group and on that group you can select which fields you need. You can select…

Frank Pedersen Moe
Updated 4 months ago by Frank Pedersen Moe


Release status. To keep track of which products that has been released, are ready to be released or new a new field is introduced to product

Frank Pedersen Moe
Updated 8 months ago by Frank Pedersen Moe


Changes to menu structure, raw material dialog and license type on menus

Frank Pedersen Moe
Updated 9 months ago by Frank Pedersen Moe


Coverage group. Saving coverage group when activating revision on tracking dimension is now allowing record to be saved Master plan. Revision now follows the value set when firming from master plan

Frank Pedersen Moe
Updated 8 months ago by Frank Pedersen Moe